on the road
boy with ear lobe gauges panhandling
san francisco
april, 2006

gabriel from portland sitting on the sidewalk panhandling. traveling the west coast. when he goes back to portland, figures he'll get "some sorta mill job"

revised caption:

...it's 12:31 pm. march 2. 2007.
it's hard to breathe sometimes as the pulse races. or do i just forget to?
the subject line reads "on the road boy"
"i know the boy... he never made it through the year"

...it's 5:59 pm. april 24. 2006. should it be this cold?
he's sitting on the corner. like it's his. he's panhandling.
waiting for a friend to bring back food.
i sit beside him.

as people pass, he's always noticed. some stop. some continue.
we talk about the road. about home. about life. about girls.
he's gentler than you'd think. more interested in things you say. and he cares more too.

he's not sure what's next; but says now's good.
his friend returns.

...it's october 17. 2006.
it's his gun.
it's his choice.

gabriel joshua wolrab, may 3, 1985 - october 17, 2006.

for his mother, his sisters, his brothers, his friends.

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original_ann says: Geez. Beautiful - this shot could easily be something I'm viewing for an ad in a fashion magazine... Striking, those earrings - the way the light catches them, they leap out at you. His eyes capture so much... clearly he's imagining how things are going to be better "when" he gets back to Portland (or "when" he gets the mill job, or "when..._______" fill in the blank). -- 11:50AM, April 25, 2006.
loupalmer says: Yeah. I like it. -- 12:27PM, April 25, 2006.
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uomolibero17 says: great great series of portraits!!! -- 01:45AM, April 26, 2006.
trishlet says: wow, SO beautiful. -- 02:58AM, April 26, 2006.
thesullys says: the picture makes me want to know what he's looking at and certainly what he's about to say. thank you for sharing this set with us! -- 03:05AM, April 26, 2006.
ed rawady says: another powerful, compelling image... i wonder if your interaction with street people is a by-product of a vocation or profession; say, for example, if you were a social worker whose clients happen to be homeless people, or if you were some kind of spiritual guide or teacher. or is this a passion, which has nothing to do with your day job, and which drives you to spend a significant part of your free time documenting the lives of these people? i also wonder if you were passionate about photography before you became involved with the homeless, or if the camera became a necessary and logical tool in a mission to document and chronicle the lives of members of a subculture. -- 03:13AM, April 26, 2006.
evenstar_9 says: this is an amazing portrait. really stands out -- 03:43AM, April 26, 2006.
lejaz says: Nice...the optimism of youth! He hasn't had the hope squashed out of him yet. I hope the mill job works out for him. -- 03:56AM, April 26, 2006.
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scurvesahead says: No,not a mill job a MODELING job! He's hot enought for a zCalvin Klin billboard! What a waste if he works in a mill.Judi in S.M.,Ca. -- 08:44AM, April 26, 2006.
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woman must dance! says: Your portraits are amazing. I've just been through them all, and they made me cry. So real, so intense, so sad and so beautiful, all at the same time. Wow. -- 01:09AM, April 30, 2006.
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made in chile says: great eyes he has!!!! how do you do to take the pics? people just agree to pose for u? i'm curious about it! =)! -- 05:50AM, May 02, 2006.
Desired says: Hansome. Looks a lot like someone i now. -- 08:51PM, May 02, 2006.
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kdynamic says: absolutely beautiful. His face is so beautiful and the emotions are so intense that I didn't even notice the piercings or anything. Captivating. -- 01:41AM, August 01, 2006.
Gmod © says: nikon d200 w/1.8/50mm really? -- 01:03PM, August 04, 2006.
stoneth says: thanks!!! :)) oliwkowygaj: i ask :) ed's point of view: it's been largely driven by the folks i've met on the street made in chile: yes G-mod: yes :) -- 06:28PM, August 04, 2006.
-pecas- says: wow! -- 06:42PM, August 06, 2006.
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Gift From The Soul says: I swear I would walk around New york and think "damn if i only had a camera" people dont see or know how beautiful they are (minus the posing etc) in their natural settings I like this picture -- 02:00AM, October 21, 2006.
soknitnkerosene says: i'm from portland... i wanna meet him! lol. nice picture, by the way :) -- 01:50AM, October 28, 2006.
Carolina Rybergs photos says: Wow, beautiful portrait! LOVE IT! -- 02:13AM, November 02, 2006.
avytech says: This portrait is lovely in terms of detail, tone, etc.... but he is so hot. Seriously. -- 01:11AM, November 05, 2006.
val*jean says: This set is so powerful. A friend of mine used to work with homeless teens in San Francisco. I'll have to share this set with her. -- 03:42PM, November 08, 2006.
alientwilight21 says: Crazy Beautiful -- 04:13AM, November 14, 2006.
apherditi says: love it -- 01:05AM, November 21, 2006.
time_is_irrelevant says: love what you've captured in his eyes. -- 03:44AM, November 25, 2006.
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LilCiera says: I used to have my ears stretched to 2 inches so I think it is beautiful. There is so many different cultural meanings behind them. Great shot, whoever he is he's beautiful -- 05:41PM, December 18, 2006.
little_stitcher says: He is so stunning. I had to come back to this. -- 01:24PM, December 29, 2006.
rekha_is_batman says: He's gorgeous...I used to have my ears stretched but took it out cause it smelt rank! -- 09:25PM, January 07, 2007.
Marquish says: Nice shot, absolutely emotional. I like it! -- 12:31PM, January 10, 2007.
daniellajaeger says: great -- 05:57PM, January 10, 2007.
keeping it real says: i have either seen him before, or have seen this photo before. has it been published or shown somewhere?? -- 09:40PM, January 10, 2007.
that girl from flashdance says: I want to kiss those eyes and take him home. -- 11:04PM, January 10, 2007.
that girl from flashdance says: I hope he went back to Portland, got that job. -- 11:47PM, January 10, 2007.
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exoskull says: Wow. -- 05:28AM, February 03, 2007.
BamboOo says: amazing. beautiful portrait ! ^^ -- 12:46AM, February 10, 2007.
Ben Soto Photo says: he's a good looking kid, he could easily be a model, even after the hard life he's lived. -- 04:35AM, February 10, 2007.
blueneo_12345 says: yum -- 12:52AM, February 12, 2007.
zophonias says: beautiful -- 10:21PM, February 13, 2007.
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Menazort says: portland body-piercing junkies are tres chic! c'est magnifique! -- 07:14AM, February 19, 2007.
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KewlGrrl says: Beautiful portrait, his eyes look so kind and compassionate.......your work is extraordinary......thanks for sharing.....k :) -- 10:19AM, March 02, 2007.
nakota672 says: I can't even begin to describe the feelings that poured through me when I found this picture of my son. You have captured the very essence of him. An amazing gift you have given a mourning mother. Thank you! -- 11:34AM, March 02, 2007.
pfflyers1 says: WOW -- 11:46AM, March 02, 2007.
Slimeface says: Super shot! -- 04:43PM, March 02, 2007.
SamanthaArin says: The emotion that flowed through my veins when I saw this picture are indescribable. Anyone who knew him knows how perfect this picture captures him....just the way I remember him...beautiful and amazing. Thank you! -- 02:51AM, March 03, 2007.
Bruna Marchioro says: hi, just want to warn you that someone is using this photo on an orkut community: www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=16340911 maybe is not such a big deal, but I thought you should know. -- 01:54AM, March 06, 2007.
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hillary h says: this is the 2nd or 3rd time i've stumbled across these portraits while searching flickr for "san francisco." each time i come and click through the set in awe -- of the photos and the stories. so beautiful. however, this time i noticed the caption -- has gabriel passed away? for some reason, this has really shaken me. anyhoo, thanks for the wonderful photos of some people in my city. -- 08:23PM, March 21, 2007.
wsarettaw says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Guapetones!, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. -- 10:06AM, March 29, 2007.
sapixie says: what does one say when so many others have said so much............this picture took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. Touching -- 01:57PM, April 02, 2007.
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lady_lbrty says: I love this guy's eyes, they are just beautiful, actually more than that, but there aren't words to describe them! -- 04:00PM, April 11, 2007.
Evie Olabarrieta says: gorgeous!! -- 08:53PM, April 11, 2007.
*Saya Mae* says: beautiful! i luv all of your black and white photos, especially this one. -- 02:14AM, April 14, 2007.
Palmtreefreak575 says: love his, eyes, nose, ears, earings, lip ring, cheekbones, skin, and cant forget that hat!! awesome pic! -- 03:05AM, April 14, 2007.
Mandy Frediani says: Aww. He's pretty. -- 03:22AM, April 16, 2007.
Emily Rinard says: i love portland -- 03:45AM, April 16, 2007.
ivy_389 says: I love his piercings and gauges. his eyes have a sort of glow to them to that attracts my eye. -- 02:55PM, April 16, 2007.
eltonmgs says: very nice pic -- 06:26AM, April 17, 2007.
milt-9 says: Please post this fantastic photo in: *Photos and Calendar* great! -- 05:29PM, April 18, 2007.
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yellowrubberduck says: oh my god. This is so gorgeous. -- 10:30AM, April 25, 2007.
Seemp says: It´s a great picture. Love his eyes. So full of hope. -- 03:45PM, April 27, 2007.
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EuroKouro says: Beautiful portraiture. I would love to colorize this photo. -- 05:17AM, April 29, 2007.
♥diana_ecinered♥ says: What a hansome guy ;) great work -- 02:46PM, May 01, 2007.
nakota672 says: My son Gabriel would have been 22 today. This is my favorite photo of him. I miss him everyday. -- 09:59AM, May 03, 2007.
LucisPictor - www.RetroCamera.de says: Yes! Wonderful picture! ...I'm sorry! -- 08:30PM, May 16, 2007.
EYEheart says: Rest In Peace Gabe -- 07:15AM, May 19, 2007.
one fish two fish, red fish blue fish says: i couldn't stop looking at his face the other night. what a loss... :( -- 06:41AM, May 21, 2007.
Jessica (: says: Kinda Wow =D X -- 08:52AM, May 22, 2007.
Daniel Krieger Photography says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called 6 Million People, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. -- 06:11AM, May 24, 2007.
Den_Dove says: Ouch, sorry to hear... This portrait makes him eternal for many people. It's a stunning shot ! -- 09:52PM, May 24, 2007.
s t r a t e d says: f a n t a s t i c p o r t r a i t -- 08:29PM, May 25, 2007.
carrie &hearts; says: His man is gorgeous. -- 04:21AM, May 28, 2007.
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Blasphemy27 says: what a nice portrait.. great work.. :) -- 06:31PM, June 06, 2007.
Bildregler.at says: Great portraits - all of them. I like this one especially. -- 02:16PM, June 09, 2007.
samanthastidham says: i met him in portland last year...i was in line for a concert, i gave him 5 or 6 bucks. god this is weird. i met him just a month or so before he died. -- 07:09PM, June 09, 2007.
Pablo BG says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called RETRATOS / PORTRAITS, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. -- 12:28PM, June 12, 2007.
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holloway steve says: great close up. -- 11:16PM, June 14, 2007.
gypsy008 says: damn, those plugs are big. cool photo... -- 04:09AM, June 18, 2007.
muse me says: Wow. No words to express just how incredible this photo is! -- 08:11PM, June 19, 2007.
tristann. says: this man is beautiful. fantastic photo. -- 10:44PM, June 19, 2007.
tientsin973 says: awesome picture! We need you at out new group 'We love edited photos!' Please come join! at www.flickr.com/groups/editedphotos/ -- 10:53AM, June 20, 2007.
minoltacamera6 says: Good photo i theink would look even better in colour -- 06:15AM, June 23, 2007.
OMG, I aslept on the couch ! says: he looks very matured for beeing age 21. Great shot, .....*sorry RIP* -- 03:56PM, June 23, 2007.
pashosh says: Like the picture really very much ... Very authentic expression -- 12:56PM, June 24, 2007.
Nyota Black says: Hi! Natural Beauty Please, join Natural Beauty - Portraiture Group... your picture is a perfect fit! -- 02:09AM, June 26, 2007.
...Paola... says: Trop beau le mec! Love the emotion in his eyes ! well cought... he seams pensive.. Beautiful! -- 03:19AM, June 26, 2007.
olirza says: waw !!! freat portrait!! -- 08:47PM, July 01, 2007.
frieda. says: good shot! semms to be great personality, this boy. good work! -- 07:29AM, July 02, 2007.
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nad sun says: beautiful boy, beutiful photography -- 06:56PM, July 04, 2007.
Miss_Tilly says: beautiful eyes :o]] -- 01:24PM, July 05, 2007.
delight of your eyes [photography] says: this photo is amazing, as well as every single one of the photos in your set. great job! -- 03:34AM, July 17, 2007.
déb says: what a handsome boy and beautiful portraits! -- 03:04PM, July 19, 2007.
frieda. says: special! Fl♥ckr ♥ First Face! Post 1 award 3 . -- 08:45AM, July 20, 2007.
she2knows2it says: Hes hott = ] -- 06:51AM, July 22, 2007.
schwede123 says: WINNER You are my winner! Please add this photo to www.flickr.com/groups/mywinners/ -- 07:42AM, July 22, 2007.
soynicolás says: great great portrait -- 07:34AM, July 24, 2007.
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brain tunnel says: Geez! the absolute clarity and depth into the eyes and soul...wondrous image...just brilliant. You ARE good! -- 04:27PM, August 04, 2007.
Joel... says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Candid portraits only, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. -- 01:38PM, August 08, 2007.
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hollyandjack says: amazing portrait. -- 01:14AM, August 22, 2007.
namasteramblin says: this is breath taking -- 01:41AM, August 27, 2007.
vaierxvegan says: love it!! -- 04:03PM, August 27, 2007.
Boulder16 says: wow, I love this portrait! -- 08:53PM, August 31, 2007.
The scent of your skin says: he really looks like brandon boyd :) great work ;) -- 07:54PM, September 01, 2007.
gypsy008 says: i disagree. i don't see boyd at all. he does remind me of my cousin a little bit, though. -- 08:10PM, September 01, 2007.
umm... kiersten? says: beautiful young man... :] and in fact, i love those gauges. people should stop being so narrow minded. -- 12:40AM, September 07, 2007.
alfi_lee says: thats the type of guy i look for. firce eyes.. -- 02:51AM, September 10, 2007.
MountainDewie says: Anyone seen this yet? seen in Bristol UK. www.flickr.com/photos/_saturnine/1345280161/ -- 10:05AM, September 11, 2007.
Stupida* says: really nice pict. and lovely man! -- 09:06PM, September 13, 2007.
Los_ojos_de_Eva says: beautiful portrait -- 01:20PM, September 16, 2007.
Fadzly @ Shutterhack says: I think it is absolutely true that a photographer can capture more than the physical appearance of a scene or person. Aspects of character and even more "spiritual" aspects of a person or scene can be deliberately revealed in photography, painting, sculpture, any form of art. My point is just that an photographer should have in his mind what he is trying to illustrate before he begins. To be called a great portrait, I think it must have more than just a physical resemblance to the person, place, or thing being photographed. I can surely find some of these values in your photo here. -- 06:34PM, September 18, 2007.
moosw64 says: How i love Black&White portrets this one is very beautiful , -- 09:21PM, September 19, 2007.
unicornonthecob says: What a perfect picture! -- 10:06PM, September 19, 2007.
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raindrop021585 says: really amazing photos! very inspiring :) -- 06:04AM, September 28, 2007.
zandxw says: great portrait. he is like a dreamer. specially his eyes. -- 10:04PM, September 29, 2007.
Wil C. Fry says: Excellent photo! I'm an admin for a group called The Beautiful People (Invite Your Friends!), and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. -- 07:28PM, October 03, 2007.
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jon madison says: what a photo. what a capture. enough that it truly makes me sad that he's passed. -- 08:18PM, October 09, 2007.
desertrf says: beautiful! -- 02:13AM, October 15, 2007.
Kid... says: really expressive portrait. I really love this one -- 02:00PM, October 16, 2007.
surfermike777 says: Did he pass away ? So sad if so...Inspiring eyes -- 03:20AM, October 17, 2007.
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logan_scott says: simply remarkable -- 11:01PM, November 10, 2007.
alyshachristine37 says: you do such lovely portraiture work! :) i love your portfolio! -- 11:55PM, November 12, 2007.
francesca sansone says: great work! -- 02:46PM, November 16, 2007.
bitethecurbson says: this picture is amazing. it almost leaves me speechless. -- 02:20PM, November 28, 2007.
heyunloving.iwillloveyou says: this is gorgeous. -- 08:21PM, December 05, 2007.
desmondsdoll says: He is so beautiful looking! His eyes are absolutely stunning, especially against his dark hair ~ he could have been a model! I hope he rests in peace xx -- 09:53AM, December 07, 2007.
hankfever says: two thumbs up!! -- 05:26AM, December 08, 2007.
Liamfm . says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Teenage kicks, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. a rebel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- 01:23AM, December 09, 2007.
_CameraPhonePhotographyxx says: hottie :D -- 09:29PM, December 10, 2007.
lbnamkrow says: oh my what a fantastic portrait... -- 10:30AM, December 12, 2007.
Crazy_sam32 says: I love his guages. The picture in all is an amazing shot <3 -- 02:24AM, December 15, 2007.
*Megan. says: Hi I am a mod for this group, Challenges and Comments, and we are holding a Challenge, "Something / Someone You Find Beautiful" We would love for you to enter this photo into the challenge and join our group. myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphicsChallenges and Comments You are invited to add this image to The Challenges and Comments Group Have a beautiful day! -- 04:50AM, December 18, 2007.
frasp says: great close up! -- 06:12PM, December 18, 2007.
rahm0277 says: Hi, I've started a new group called "Travel the Inside..." - its all about travel pictures from the point of view of the locals and about experiencing something in addition to just seeing it. www.flickr.com/groups/traveltheinside/ I think your photo would a great addition to the group as it embodies that exact sentiment - we would greatly appreciate it if you would become a member and submit this picture to the group and we can keep you up-to-date on the most recent activities. Thank you, Mickey -- 07:23AM, December 19, 2007.
matkaantytto says: street kids in Brazil and Colombia are like age 7! -- 03:30AM, December 21, 2007.
matkaantytto says: This should not be happening in a "1st world country" here in NYC I saw a 9-10yr old sleeping outside by herself in the BX. The other day saw a 16 yr old sleeping in a doorway with her baby -- 03:31AM, December 21, 2007.
fabbriciuse says: I love it!!! look at my "street portrait": Monica #5 -- 11:38AM, December 21, 2007.
Manuela Humelnicu says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Human Faces : The Most Beautiful, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. -- 10:18AM, December 23, 2007.
Arthra says: awesome -- 11:43PM, January 02, 2008.
jani.elizabeth says: Hi! this photo is excellent! please add it to vιew мy Pнoтo -» -- 11:27PM, January 06, 2008.
Hazeline Photography says: incredibly striking..love it. -- 02:13AM, January 10, 2008.
MichaelStipe says: Good shot -- 10:00PM, January 10, 2008.
Paolo Aquino says: Amazing portrait. Love that it's black and white. Classic. -- 11:13AM, January 18, 2008.
manquer.vous says: I really like this photo! His eyes the piercing, his expression lol. Was he talking about some thing? Excellent Black and white! -- 12:09PM, January 23, 2008.
MeredithStoesz says: wow amazing great shot! i think you really captured him!! -- 04:13AM, January 24, 2008.
jo_loves_ducks says: awww wow..its gr8 :) -- 09:44PM, January 27, 2008.
shakinstreet says: impressive portrait. -- 10:37PM, January 30, 2008.
Flip Flop! says: he is so cuuuute *-* -- 06:30AM, February 02, 2008.
belfy says: W O W :D -- 11:10PM, February 11, 2008.
No Expectations says: What happened to him? -- 11:42PM, February 13, 2008.
Mich'el says: Excellent shot ;) -- 03:24PM, February 16, 2008.
SiobhianCarroll says: What a beautiful face, and a wonderful capture :) -- 10:41AM, February 19, 2008.
nakota672 says: Gabriel will live on because of these photos and the people who see them. I miss him everyday. His mom -- 04:30AM, February 21, 2008.
Eric Seneca Kim says: Incredible portraits -- 12:12AM, February 22, 2008.
*little mauvaise graine* says: good pict and beautiffull model nd piercing! -- 09:43PM, February 22, 2008.
GF^^ says: nice portrait -- 02:41PM, February 24, 2008.
Miss Wilds says: He is so beautiful. Very sad to hear he is no longer with us. Absolutely beautiful. -- 06:54PM, February 26, 2008.
Rooted. says: Great details! Wonderful portrait. -- 02:22AM, February 27, 2008.
+ - says: Que hermosura de persona -- 12:34PM, February 27, 2008.
Chaos Can Be Beautiful says: He has some excellent bone structure. Great capture. I normally think ear-lobe stretching is ugly, and notice it immediately - but the beauty of the photo distracted me from it. I only noticed from the notes. -- 11:36AM, March 03, 2008.
www.urbanreinventors.net says: Incredibly passionate and full of life. Great portraits! Please feel free to join and send this image to The Urban Reinventors Image Archive -- 12:59PM, March 06, 2008.
benjine says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called www.flickr.com/groups/697845@N21/, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. -- 12:33AM, March 16, 2008.
h y s t e r i a says: so cute (: -- 09:39PM, March 30, 2008.
alexis36 says: WOW! beautiful picture, his face really says a lot. this picture shows such hope, passion, & excitement. I love it! I some day want to take pictures like this. I'm only starting to learn now, but haven's started posted them yet. I'm not quite as good as you yet. You inspire me. -- 05:17PM, April 09, 2008.
alexis36 says: this guy can be a model WOW! -- 05:22PM, April 09, 2008.
Lynn (Gracie's mom) says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called ~MY STARS~ , and we'd love to have this added to the group! -- 04:16AM, April 20, 2008.
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I am a Small Man says: this is incredibly beautiful -- 11:37PM, April 23, 2008.
pandastronaut says: this portrait is stunning -- 04:39AM, April 24, 2008.
Sarah Campbell - Bris. says: Oh... he is just beautiful. I would have loved him MUCH!!!!! *sigh.. -- 11:53AM, May 01, 2008.
dragged to the future says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called the best black nd white portraits, and we'd love to have this added to the group! -- 02:46AM, May 02, 2008.
roguetarsier says: Amazing photo! -- 06:16PM, May 02, 2008.
nakota672 says: Today would have been Gabe's 23rd birthday. I am thankful for the years I did have with him. Your amazing photos of him mean so very much to me. I love coming here and reading the comments from across the world. Thank You Tom, Jeannice -- 10:25AM, May 03, 2008.
gidjetluv says: He is absolutely and most preciously stunning. -- 07:03AM, May 08, 2008.
Tom Kondrat says: please add your great photo to flickr.com/groups/manportrait/ -- 03:48PM, May 17, 2008.
\\ s k y e says: i love lip rings (: -- 02:16AM, May 30, 2008.
GICROMA says: i love him -- 07:03PM, June 10, 2008.
AUFHAUSER says: very nice -- 07:30PM, June 14, 2008.
JBernadez says: Great shot. Beautiful kid. Hopefully he's pursuing modeling by now. -- 05:51AM, June 27, 2008.
vakalaktika says: hot -- 08:15PM, July 22, 2008.
johey24 says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called www.flickr.com/groups/347754@N20/, and we'd love to have this added to the group! -- 01:09AM, July 23, 2008.
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RegarderVoir says: wonderful shot !! Bonjour, je suis l'administrateur du groupe ten thousand human faces, et nous aimerions beaucoup que vous ajoutiez ceci à notre groupe ! -- 12:17PM, August 06, 2008.
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wheely jojo says: awesome portrait! - faved - -- 08:37PM, August 08, 2008.
S<3'sB says: this is the best picture ever! i love it :) -- 12:10AM, August 12, 2008.
Ginger Gregory says: rest in peace, dear. -- 01:05AM, August 15, 2008.
LISA M G says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called IT'S IN THE MOUTH, and we'd love to have this added to the group! -- 07:57PM, August 19, 2008.
la7uky says: cutee -- 11:48PM, August 19, 2008.
Renmarc says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Souls, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls! ~Ted Grant
-- 11:46PM, September 05, 2008.
xxhektische says: R.I.P. Gabriel. Great shot of him :] -- 12:34AM, September 07, 2008.
caya_6 says: Beautiful eyes -- 01:06AM, September 14, 2008.
Maritssa says: a very sexy sexy man! amazing picture! -- 10:35PM, September 15, 2008.
Mairi Morrison says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called just beautiful, and we'd love to have this added to the group! -- 07:34AM, September 20, 2008.
juliet.ki says: Gabe, we miss u......this picture is amazing and makes me wish I knew what was going on in ur beautiful soul...?!? I was there that night just wish i would have stayed longer....Rest in Peace love I wont forget u. -- 01:57PM, September 21, 2008.
kaligoren says: beautiful expression, he looks so alive! Great! -- 04:57PM, September 24, 2008.
melvinvivrrasror says: great -- 03:27PM, September 26, 2008.
Camilla86 says: WHAT eyes! Omg love his eyes so much... beautiful portrait! ill check out the ret of the series later, i just came across this one! Wow! -- 03:35PM, October 21, 2008.
Julien Reduck says: Be kind to strangers, you never know when you might be entertaining an angel... -- 02:42AM, November 07, 2008.
tabiii says: This is fantastic. -- 04:11AM, November 13, 2008.
jaino says: perfect portrait! he is very handsome! -- 11:14PM, November 13, 2008.
estarla says: :O seems my brother!! -- 01:03PM, November 18, 2008.
victortan47 says: excellent shot -- 08:43AM, November 26, 2008.
missmamiegirl says: seems like such a sweet soul and he was so good looking!!! makes me want to go back in time and be able to tell him to walk across this street instead of that one. poor man! condolences to his mother who i have seen around these comments. he was a beautfiul man indeed. -- 06:47PM, December 03, 2008.
♥♥ AchakzaiElite ... ♥♥ says: detailed face, I like this portrait. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/10465920@N07/3100775790/] -- 06:59AM, December 13, 2008.
Riverbear31 says: this one picture haunts my soul, I have to keep coming back to look at it, I feel so drawn to him. so sad a life ended so young. -- 06:16AM, December 28, 2008.
Mathilde BM says: This beautiful boy could have been a supermodel in another life, if he would have had wanted that. -- 12:33PM, January 04, 2009.
tinopoeka says: wow great pic and lovely ears ! -- 06:56PM, January 07, 2009.
Melissa Ladybug says: Great capture i luv the b&W......... -- 06:18AM, January 11, 2009.
monique forever and never. says: holy crap. all of your portraits are wonderful -- 12:18AM, February 07, 2009.
kwassa.kwassa says: amazing picture, definitely one of my absolute favorites on flickr. thanks so much for sharing! -- 04:17AM, March 31, 2009.
lula_lula says: davvero un soggetto meraviglioso! -- 01:37PM, April 20, 2009.
uchiha_tayuya says: This is awesome -- 03:07PM, May 13, 2009.
sup_laney says: he's beautiful :) -- 05:35PM, May 19, 2009.
svanhagen (Rolf Lax) says: Great portrait! -- 07:53PM, May 28, 2009.
♥danielle♥ says: he is hottt -- 04:56AM, June 24, 2009.
Demolition_Dave1(home again) says: Thanks Tom, when I read the story of Gabriel I had to draw his image. Theres so much sadness out there and I love that many of your stories lean to a more positive outlook on street life, the simple things they appreciate and the prosaic joys we all feel regardless of our social standings. But it is powerful to remember not everything is good and joyeous out there, not everyone is able to "think happy thoughts" I appreciate you allowing me to draw him, Ive finished a few others I will share with you soon. And Ive been traveling the country working on my own series that I hope you will enjoy. -- 10:10PM, June 29, 2009.
Nacho DeGarvo says: omg this is gorgeous. -- 04:46AM, July 07, 2009.
Potato is awesome says: i swear, he looks like this guy from a band. i forgot the name of the band lol -- 12:32PM, August 01, 2009.
rachel duffy says: beautiful. -- 06:28PM, September 04, 2009.
Darwin Bell says: great portrait -- 01:07AM, September 05, 2009.
nomadfeet++ says: His eyes have a life of their own. -- 04:56PM, September 05, 2009.
originalidades maximas says: Great tones!!! -- 12:15PM, September 09, 2009.
Kaelin Marie! says: Did he pass away in 2006? this photo just kinda seems to inspire and show a story, its incredible -- 09:17AM, September 28, 2009.
r.e. ~ says: Beautiful! Very touching! Sad! A story very close to my heart. -- 05:41AM, October 23, 2009.
birdindahizzouse says: by the look at his pupils i'd say he's blazed. lol -- 05:27PM, October 24, 2009.
rocketlou says: ai que belo!! -- 08:36PM, October 28, 2009.
OiLiLy says: hes a bit lovely isnt he...great capture ;) -- 05:35PM, December 03, 2009.
wheely jojo says: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called judith loves your photo!, and we'd love to have this added to the group! -- 12:00AM, December 04, 2009.
"Tazas De Miel!!"... says: beautiful eyes, great portrait!!... -- 09:50PM, December 24, 2009.
Gabriel wolrabs mom says: On July 25th Gabe's best friend and brother lost his life to an over dose of methadone. Now my boys are together forever. It breaks my heart that Trevor left behind a 4 year old little boy......who looks at the stars and wishes his daddy and Uncle Gabe could be here with him. -- 09:43AM, January 01, 2010.
courtney.jadee says: he is hot!!! -- 12:11PM, February 03, 2010.
Tictac4 says: Gabe wolrab Is The most Amazing Man I have ever Met in my life He decided from the get go HIs own faith and Will be misssed. In my everyday life I am reminded of him and of his beauty I Will never let go he has one thing of mine i will never get back and would never ask for back. my one true love -- 11:01PM, April 10, 2010.
Kyle Hickman says: This impacted me in a way I cannot express. My heart hurts. Thank you for sharing. -- 10:31PM, May 04, 2010.
knarran says: Simply epic! -- 06:49PM, May 13, 2010.
Karen Shmaren says: hes very handsome -- 04:48AM, May 25, 2010.
AldoRamon says: gabriel joshua wolrab, may 3, 1985 - october 17, 200 is this him? -- 03:15AM, June 02, 2010.
croquisdenico says: flickr portrait : Gabriel on the road -- 11:26AM, June 12, 2010.
Arthur M says: stunning pictures -- 01:25PM, June 25, 2010.
s.bann says: i remember seeing this image years and years ago. it was one of the first images to get me into photography. i only wish i had the cohonez to go up to people on the streets -- 05:22PM, November 25, 2010.
sageeatsworld says: this is beautiful. -- 12:57AM, December 11, 2010.
ennallyel says: i like you.;.; you very very good.;,.; goo bye -- 10:30PM, December 17, 2010.
ennallyel says: i loved her look is very beautiful;.;.;,;. kiss kis kiss -- 10:32PM, December 17, 2010.
☠ #VinauM# ☠ says: Great! [http://www.flickr.com/photos/imvinicius/5021002081/in/photostream/] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/imvinicius/5021002059/in/photostream/] -- 12:42AM, December 29, 2010.
CJPONTI says: Reminds me of a modern day Alex Supertramp -- 11:46PM, February 23, 2011.
Photo--Graphy says: Marvelous image, nicely composed and shot. -- 10:29PM, March 22, 2011.
ADI DOV says: i loved him so much. he was so beautiful, inside and out. -- 08:55AM, April 03, 2011.
klavier_girl says: Whoow, 19...What happened to him? such a young boy! great image -- 02:38PM, October 17, 2011.
lameato feliz says: oooh! -- 12:35PM, September 14, 2015.